Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anchored in Bohol

A week since we arrived on the Island of Bohol, Philipines, anchoring off the city of Tagbilaran. As usual, passed the initial excitement of stepping ashore and discovering a new space, we soon realized how much we would need to work, if we wanted to get going soon. Bohol and Cebu (which is a few hour ferry ride from here), are our last chance to order parts for the boat, stock on large amount of groceries, and get materials for us to create the costumes for our Sea Dance Festival. So as usual, we are very busy, but the thought of sailing across remote islands very soon keeps everyone going.

Talking about everyone, there has been changes in the Infinity crew composition. It was time for Wim to continue his journey, so he headed to Hong Kong a few days ago.. Bon Voyage Wim, and keep the dream going :)
Besides, Ralph from Ireland, Kaelin & Jack from the USA and Julien from France joined the Infinity crew. A warm welcome to all of them, and cheers for the hard work they all had to contribute with, from day one on Infinity.
So we are now 16 adults and 2 kids on board... a real tribe indeed. We are still waiting for Tarunn from India to join us in Palau mid-August, after which the crew composition will remain constant until Hawai.

So here we are, anchored in Bohol, getting the boat ready, but also trying to keep up some of the routines and activities that regulate our life on board, such as cooking, reading, home schooling, practicing music or martial arts for a few, helping Clemens with the sail covers, and more.

And again, we are also all enjoying a few great 'days off' every once in a while, renting bikes to enjoy some amazing rides across the Island for some, finding new diving spots for others.

Life is good.

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